Control is in your hand

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ETiQ is a premium, intelligent queue management system brought to you by Eastron, a Hungarian development agency with 20 years of experience in the field of client management and other comprehensive IT solutions. ETiQ enables you to optimize your client management by focusing on your real priorities.
Customer service as you like

We know how to improve

ETiQ’s client service is fully automated thus the system can reduce the average waiting time by up to 73%, also the branch managers can spend significantly less time organizing and monitoring the services. No idle state in the operations means increased efficiency for your business. Besides the central server you only need a browser for centralized use. ETiQ can facilitate client-specific, targeted communication based on the identification of clients with swipe or chip card, ID card, passport, PIN code, or other identifiers they can provide (e.g. social security number).
Monitoring as you like

We know what to monitor

If you can determine what objectives you want to reach, ETiQ provides the information that can be reached without specific IT skills. Be it service priority, service assigned to desk, general queue, desk queue, or service queue ETiQ can organize them, and you can get access to real-time reports, which are exportable to the most common file formats, so you can track every process or data.
ETiQ in your IT system

We know how to connect

The ETiQ premium client management system is designed and continuously developed using the most advanced technology. Thanks to its modular structure the user interface can be tailored to different needs. ETiQ can run on your existing queue management hardware and can be integrated with other corporate and multimedia systems, such as CRM, ERP, BI and Digital Signage.